Jade Propagation

Jade Propagation

So…. today I did a thing. I had a few extra minutes before work and I was looking over at my plants. My jade has been getting SO tall lately, and not in a good way. I really want him to become more bushy. So today I made made up my mind that he needed to be trimmed. Now, trimming my jade is always so hard for me. I know he needs to propagate, and that trimming is healthy for him. But it always makes me so sad to chop his progress off!

When I was in high school, my horticulture teacher had the biggest jade plant I’ve ever seen in person – this thing came up to my waist! I took a leaf from this giant plant, which is where my Jadey (I know, the name isn’t very original) came from! I think that since I started him from a leaf, it makes it so hard to snip him up, but alas, it must be done!


Jade plants can propagate several ways. I have tried both of these and they have all worked great! And the best part is you don’t need to be a great gardener to tend to a Jade plant.

Leaf Cutting

Any developed leaf can be used to sprout a new Jade plant, but some work better than others. Make sure the leaf you select is healthy and plump. I usually just break my leaf off- they come off cleanly from the trunk of the plant. Make sure you break the entire leaf off or else the plant will not root. After breaking off the leaf, I place my leaf in the soil next to my Jade plant. You can do multiple leaves, of course. I usually only do one at a time because I use this method when I accidentally break a leaf off (sad day!). You can use half vermiculite or perlite and half soil, but honestly Jadey is not that picky. Once you lay the leaf down on the soil, water it where it lays. Try to only water it sparingly until it grows roots.

Tiny plantlet from a leaf I placed in the soil a few months ago.

Plantlets (teeny, tiny plants!) will appear from the end of the leaf anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months after you place it in the soil. Once the plant is about 3 inches tall, you can begin to take care of it like a normal Jade plant.

Stem or Branch Cutting

A branch cutting is what I did to Jadey today. I love my beautiful little plant, but I want him to start branching out a bit. Cutting your adult Jade plant will make it branch out at the place you trimmed it. This is how you can really shape your plant to how you want it to look.

If you look closely, you can see the branch on the right is oddly short. That is where I took my cutting from.

When selecting a branch, make sure it is healthy and free of disease. You will want to select one that is 3 or more inches long. Use a sharp knife or shears to snip your branch off. After you have your branch, allow it to dry out. You will notice that the snipped area is kind of juicy. Let that dry out by placing it in a dry, preferably warm, area. After one or two weeks, a callous will form. That is how you will know your plant is ready to be placed in soil. If you jump the gun and put your cutting right in the soil, your plant may catch a disease and become ill.

Jadey’s branch cutting with some other succulents I cut today.

You can use the same half vermiculite or perlite and half soil, but again, my plant is not too picky. I do want to switch out his soil when the weather warms up, though, because he has been in the same stuff for a few years.

Growing Plants Without Soil

Right now, I am experimenting with my Jade cutting. After allowing my Jade to scab over, I placed my cutting straight into a jar of water. I was inspired by a beautiful picture I saw on Pinterest of a succulent suspended in water and wanted to try it out. I mean, you could see the entire root system! So cool! I don’t know if these were grown in soil and then transferred to water, or were strictly grown in water. I know that one of the key rules to growing plants in just water is to start them out that way. Once a plant has been growing in soil (or just water), it is difficult for it to switch over to the other medium.

Beautiful plant holders. These succulents are suspended in water with their entire root systems visable. The original pin can be found here.

Hopefully this method will work for my Jade. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!

Jadey in his new jar.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding Jade plant care. I would love to share any insight!

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