Why I Switched from a Niche Blog to a Lifestyle Blog

If you are considering starting a blog, I’m sure you’ve done some research about it. More than likely, you’ve heard bloggers talk about “finding your niche.”

But what is a niche blog, anyways?

Think of a niche as your “area of expertise.” It’s what your blog focuses on and your content revolves around. For example, your niche could be crafting. Inside that crafting niche, you could talk about knitting, crochet, and sewing. In a niche, you stick to what you know. Your audience is typically smaller, but dedicated. The ones that visit your site are your “ride or die” fans.

The opposite of having a niche is what most people would consider a “lifestyle” blog. With a lifestyle blog, you’re more free to talk about whatever you want. You’ll reach more people because you’ll appeal to a wider audience. You might write a post about knitting, traveling, and minimalism lifestyle in the same week, which will get your content in front of so many different people. The wide range of topics you cover will bring you many different readers, but maybe not as many of those “ride or die fans.” 

Why I Started a Niche Blog and What Happened

When I first started the Beginner’s Guide to Life, I thought I had to have a niche. So many blog posts will tell you so. The idea behind a niche blog is that if you find something you are truly passionate about, you can write about it forever and ever. So, being a newbie, I gave it a whirl. My favorite pastime and hobby is crocheting (its like knitting, only weirder), so I dedicated my blog to all things crochet. 

"If there's one thing I know about life, it's that the beginning is always the hardest. Everything after will fall together just how it should."

Subsequently, my life became about all things crochet. I was spending so much more money on high quality yarn that I never really cared about prior to blogging. I was obsessed with big time fiber bloggers. I obsessively followed them with my blog’s Instagram page and spent so much time on my phone. The worst part was that I was trying to keep up with these big time crochet bloggers and, of course, fell behind miserably. These women are amazing and dedicate their lives to this stuff. Being a new blogger and still working my day job, I couldn’t produce products as quickly and as beautifully as I thought I would be able to. I became so frustrated that I had pretty much quit blogging altogether and only spent my time crocheting.

What I Learned About Niche Blogging

Crocheting is something that I am so passionate about, but I had turned my favorite hobby into my job. For me, crocheting used to be my stress relief, but now it was stressful for me to not be crocheting constantly. I stopped doing all the things that I love to do, like going to the gym, tending my plants, making delicious dinners, and even cleaning my house. I threw myself into the idea of becoming one of the crochet bloggers I so admire, even though I wasn’t cut out for that life. One of my biggest character flaws is not knowing when (and when not to) give 110%. I can never do anything half way,  which can be really great, but can also be completely self-destructing when I dedicate myself to the wrong thing. What other people see as “walking away from something unhealthy,” I often see as just plain “giving up.”

 I’m happy that I made it past the trial-and-error beginning stages of blogging, though. If there’s one thing I know about life, its that the beginning is always the hardest. Everything after will fall together just how it should.

Why Should You Start a Lifestyle Blog?

Lifestyle blogs are so great for people with multiple interests. You don’t have to confine your creativity to one box. Let it flow! Expand your blog to encompass something you don’t know about and document yourself learning something new. If you are just starting as a blogger, I recommend starting out with a lifestly blog. If you find that your content resonates with a certain audience, focus on that! But don’t be afraid to play around with a couple different topics. After all, it’s your blog! Don’t let someone discourage you from writing about what you love. 

This blog post officially marks the end of my obsession and the beginning of my blogging freedom. No longer will I spend every night crocheting. I want to get back to the main purpose of blogging and start helping people find answers to some questions in their lives. And I want to answer questions about so much more than crocheting! 

Have any of you had trouble deciding how to start something? (Or end something?) Are you trying to decide between a niche blog or a lifestyle blog? Please share your answers with me in the comments section below! I always love to hear about similar experiences and how they ended up for you. 

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