We are All Beginners

No matter how old you are, you are probably starting something. It might be college, a relationship, or maybe you are starting a new hobby. But whatever you are starting, congrats! You’re taking a step to become a better you, whoever that person might be. You might not even have an idea of who that “better you” is going to be or what they are going to look like, but that’s okay.

As for me, I’m just like you- a beginner. I just started a new job, and I am beginning to plan my financial life with some purpose. So whatever you are starting, even if its not the same things as me, just know that we are on this journey together. Starting something is so fun because there are so many ways life can take you. You never really know where your new project will lead you to. And honestly, I started this blog to not only teach people how to start doing the things that I already love, but also to learn about things that other people enjoy and maybe start doing them myself.

I hope everyone can find at least one tidbit of information here that can help them on the road to finding there place in life and doing what they love. I hope that we can come together as a community to not only be learners, but also teachers. When people come together to gather knowledge, something amazing can happen.

Remember- Enjoy life always.